Sisterhood is a value that we hold close to our hearts. Throughout each year we have various sisterhood events where our chapter gets to bond and get to know each other. Previous events include spa parties, movie nights, and an overnight cabin retreat! However, sisterhood is something that continues outside our events. The sisterhood of Alpha Phi is always with us --- when we are walking to class, when we are at home, on the weekends, and even after graduation. When joining Alpha Phi you gain more than just sisters, you gain best friends. Young ladies that will sit with you for hours when you're upset, and that will dance around in the hallway with you. In the years when you are experiencing life on your own for the first time, it is your sisters who are there with you through it all, helping you through the struggles and enhancing all the good times. Alpha Phi will become your home away from home, just as it has for all of us!