My name is Mercedes Priester and I am the Vice President of membership recruitment for the Iota Pi chapter of Alpha Phi at Northern Arizona University! I am so blessed to have been elected for this position and I cannot wait to meet all of the potential new members during recruitment! The word sorority comes with a lot of stereotypes and preconceived notations that can give people the wrong impression. As the VPMR it is my responsibility to prove these stereotypes wrong and show the world the true values and ideals of what it means to be an Alpha Phi at NAU. When I first joined Alpha Phi my freshman year, I was so scared and nervous thinking I didn’t fit in. But after reaching out and meeting new people and getting involved in my chapter, I realized that joining Alpha Phi was the best decision I have ever made and has given me so many unforgettable memories and have found sisters who will stand by my side for the rest of my life. My sisters are always there for me when I’m having a hard time or when I want to go on a spontaneous fun adventure! As cliche as it sounds, the friendships and bonds made in s sorority aren’t just for 4 years, they’re for a life time. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my sisters, and I have Alpha Phi to thank for that. I encourage everyone to step out their comfort zone and try something new! Recruitment is such an amazing experience and the perfect way to become involved and engaged in college. While being the VPMR, I hope to inspire and encourage as many girls as possible to sign up for recruitment. Trust the process and find your “home away from home”! As you start this new exciting chapter in your life, remember to stay positive and open minded! I hope that you decide to GO GREEK and find what I have found in Alpha Phi!

Letter from our President

Alpha Phi has given me a home away from home, filled with sisters I will have for a lifetime. This diverse group of women never fail to have fun while striving to be their best selves. Becoming Chapter President was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my college career. I have never thought I would have found a home with a group of over 100 inspirational women that have given me a newfound passion for loyalty, character development, service, sisterhood, scholarship and leadership. The members within this chapter embody these values in their everyday lives and never stop encouraging each other to accomplish their goals in life. Iota Pi chapter makes all their new and active members feel welcomed and comfortable to the point where no one ever feels alone. Here at Alpha Phi, a members four years are filled with hilarious, adventurous and unforgettable experiences that one will remember for a lifetime. I can’t thank these women enough for the memories and friendships they have given me thus far. I hope this website comes as a resourceful guide to you to get to know Alpha Phi and our values a little bit more, and feel free to explore our page filled with information on sisterhood, philanthropy, recruitment and much more! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about NAU Alpha Phi and we encourage you to reach out as we love hearing from our Alumnae, sisters and anyone who may be interested in becoming a member!</p> <p>Sophia Natsues<br /> Chapter President

Alumnae, do you know any women participating in Formal Recruitment at Northern Arizona University? Please fill out the reference form and send it to us! Send to Chloe, PO box 20951, Flagstaff, AZ 86011 or email to